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Coffee Grinder: 20 Grind Settings | 12 Cup Capacity, Space-Saving Design – GROSCHE Bremen

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Perfect for Espresso, Pour Over, French Press

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The GROSCHE Bremen Burr Grinder is the epitome of efficiency and innovation in the world of coffee grinding. Its sleek and compact design not only saves valuable space on your countertop but also delivers the performance of larger models, making it the go-to choice for space-conscious users. With 20 customizable grind settings, it caters to every coffee preference, ensuring the perfect grind for each brewing method and ideal flavor extraction.

Engineered as a double burr grinder, the Bremen guarantees uniform and consistent grind sizes, providing an economical and efficient grinding experience for coffee enthusiasts. Its precise grinding mechanism, refined over three years of engineering, operates at an optimal lower RPM to preserve the flavors of your coffee beans, resulting in a more delightful cup every time.

Despite its compact size, the GROSCHE Bremen Burr Grinder boasts ample capacity, accommodating up to 12 coffee cups’ worth of beans at once. With a capacity of making 51 fl oz (1.5 liters) of coffee, it ensures ultimate freshness by keeping beans fresh and preventing staleness, making it the perfect companion for coffee lovers who value both quality and convenience.


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