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Our Story

MOIKA is a company led by a visionary woman named Catalina, who grew up on coffee farms in Colombia but migrated to the capital at the age of 15 in search of a “better future.”

After 20 years of city life, Catalina decided to return to her roots and work with farmers to produce quality coffee and connect modernity with the countryside through each cup.

Moika’s coffee is sustainably grown, using traditional and careful techniques to harvest the finest beans. Each bean is meticulously roasted to create authentic and unique flavors that delight the palate.

The MOIKA brand name was inspired by the iconic Italian coffee machine MOKA.

Enjoy a cup of Moika coffee and let yourself be transported to a place where culture, sustainability, and love for the countryside merge to create a unique experience in every cup.

Catalina Ortega   / CEO

Moika coffee farm
Moika recolección de café

Sustainable and socially responsible

Moika has created opportunities for other women in the region to participate in coffee production, helping empower the local community and improve their quality of life.

“We practice fair trade and pay a little extra to the farmers who plant and/or harvest the coffee.”

Certificados empaque Moika

At Moika, we take pride in introducing our sugar cane packaging (Biodegradable and compostable), with Earth Pack certification and Evlon Compostable film for our coffee. This innovative choice of material reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental care. By using renewable sugar cane packaging, we are able to reduce our impact on the planet, as this material is sustainably sourced and fully biodegradable. 

We have the Café de Colombia certification marks, which ensure that the product meets pre-defined quality standards in legal, technical, or regulatory norms. 

Likewise, we have the CO designation of origin, which guarantees compliance with processes and quality requirements associated with this designation, starting, of course, with the origin of our 100% Colombian coffee.

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